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Some to call to pray, some to make your day,
some for the matter gray, and some for your need for play.

Good observational science is an adoring, ever advancing knowledge of the pervasive, universal, and perpetual providence of the living God.

Good applied science is subduing the earth (and possibly other places and things in the cosmos) for God's glory, according to God's creation mandate, and with confidence in God's faithfulness and promises (i.e. Genesis 8:21,22)

Junk science is based on the proud, foolish, and wicked delusion that God can be ignored or marginalized in any human observation or manipulation of His own creation, which includes humanity and which exists only by His will and expressly for His purposes.

Like their ancient counterparts, in our era the myths of junk science hold sway over the minds of many, hindering the advance of godly knowledge

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