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Some to call to pray, some to make your day,
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[On the incomparability of several features of God's Word] "...the first is the purity of its precepts. It is the most perfect rule of righteousness that is imaginable. It commands all good and forbids all evil at all times. 'Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good' (Romans 7:12).

It is holy because it is a copy of the divine will, it is just because it corresponds to the highest the reason, and it is good because it is most beneficial to us. It is holy as it relates to our duty to God, it is just as it respects our duty to our neighbor, and it is good as it concerns our duty to ourselves.

It is holy as consecrated to the service of God, it is just as a transcript of the law of nature, and it is good as it is measure of all goodness in us. It is holy in what it requires us to do, it is just in what it forbids us to do, and it is good in both.

What law in the world is in any degree comparable to God's law?"

— George Swinnock

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