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Don't want to see one!

There are many things that make people afraid. Some are real, and some are not. Do you know who were the first people to be afraid?

Adam and Eve

Do you know what they feared?

The anger of God!

They had cause to be afraid of that, because they had disobeyed God, their Creator and King. God is angry against those who do not obey Him. And that's all of us children of Adam. God is a God of justice, and the penalty for crimes against Him must be paid.


God is also a God of love! So He has provided a way to escape the penalty of His anger. Those who take that way of escape do not have to be afraid of anything.

The way of escape is a FREE GIFT!

Jesus Christ

Himself is that gift!

When Jesus was executed on the cross, He was really giving up His life in love. The punishment due to God's people was taken by Jesus, the innocent One. When Jesus rose from the dead, it proved that the penalty had been paid. Now, forgiveness and eternal life can be given to those who believe in (trust) Him.

When someone truly trusts in Jesus Christ, that boy or girl or man or woman is JUSTIFIED before God - that means that God counts Jesus' perfect righteousness to the account of that believing one. The penalty is PAID IN FULL! There is no longer a reason for that trusting one to fear God's just anger.

We hope you will knock on God's door (you can do that by praying) to ask Him for the salvation He offers through the Lord Jesus Christ.

A member of one of the congregations of Christ…one small, local expression of that global, timeless people of God…probably gave you this pamphlet. We hope you will seek out that congregation or one like it, to further discuss these matters of eternal significance.

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