"Then the women said to Naomi, 'Blessed be the LORD, who has not left you this day without a close relative; and may his name be famous in Israel!' " — Ruth 4:14

Quiz on The Biblical "Top Forty"

None of the following are correct answers in this quiz on some better known Biblical figures: Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Samuel, David, Solomon, Elijah, Mary the virgin mother, Joseph her husband, John the baptizer, Mary Magdalene, Matthew the apostle, Peter the apostle, Paul the apostle, John the apostle, Luke the physician, Mark, and Judas Iscariot.

All of Scripture testifies of the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, but His name is not the answer to any question, either. Spelling counts on fill in the blank questions, which are usually passages from the New King James translation. Commentary on most answers is provided with your score.

1. Complete the verse: "For this reason I have sent to you, who is my beloved and faithful son in the Lord, who will remind you of my ways in Christ, as I teach everywhere in every church."

2. The original name of him who was called Barnabas ("son of encouragement") by the apostles was:

D. John or Mark   U. Archippus   B. Jonah or Jonas   H. Trophimus   I. Joseph or Joses   M. Icarus  

3. Nathan was the prophet or seer who foretold God's gracious plan for David's house, as well as confronted David after his sin involving Bathsheba. Which of the following was another seer who ministered to David, and by the word of the LORD offered to him a choice of chastisements after David sinfully took a census of the people?

D.  Napthali
I.  Ahithopel
S.  Asher
C.  Hushai
O.  Obadiah
U.  Gad
N.  Noadiah
T.  Nostradamus

4. T or F: Joseph was sold into slavery to Potipherah, a priest of On.


5. One book of the Bible is named for a courageous young queen, Esther. As an orphan child, she had been raised by her older cousin, whose name was:

P.  Mordecai
U.  Mandrake
R.  Morpheus
I.  Michael
M.  Memucan

6. Complete the verse: "Except for the son of Jephunneh and Joshua the son of Nun, you shall by no means enter the land which I swore I would make you dwell in."

7. When an angel staged a jailbreak for the apostle Peter, the escapee went to the home where some of his fellow Christians were gathered and knocked at the door of the gate. This young lady came out to greet the unexpected visitor:

Y.  Zeruiah
O.  Rhonda
U.  Rhoda
R.  Rosemary
A.  Remaliah
N.  Rhododendron
G.  Rizpah

8. Several New Testament men have the name common to all the choices below. Choose the one whose brief description betrays him as an imposter not found in the Bible:

S.  Simon the Zealot
I.  Simon a (half) brother of Jesus
M.  Simon son of Zebedee
P.  Simon, a tanner
L.  Simon the sorcerer
E.  Simon the leper

9. The patriarch Jacob was speaking of his two grandsons by Joseph when he said: "By you Israel will bless, saying, 'May God make you as and as !' " (Each blank is one word, and the answers must be given in the same order found in the verse quoted.)

10. The prophet was the successor of the prophet Elijah.

11. T or F: Michal was the name of King Saul's daughter


12. was the judge who commanded an army of 300 armed with torches and broken pitchers. was the judge who assassinated obese king Eglon of Moab.

13. God allowed the evil one to kill Job's children, afflict him with a horrible disease, and rob him of all his possessions. In the book of Job we read that three friends came to comfort him at this time of intense grief and affliction. But as we read the conversations between these four men, suddenly a fifth man is introduced into the narrative, and begins to speak. That fifth man's name is:

F.  Elihu
R.  Caspar
I.  Bezalel
E.   Mamre
N.   Barzillai
D.   Eshcol

14. King David, the father of Solomon, was the son of this man:

F. Solomon I   A. Joab   T. Absalom   H. Abiathar   E. Jesse   R. Eliab

15. T or F: One of the original twelve apostles of Jesus was named Bartholomew.


16. Jethro was:

B.  one of the Beverly Hillbillies
O.  one of Aaron's sons
D.  also called Reuel
I.  D and N
N.  Moses' father-in-law
E.  one of Pharaoh's wise men

17. Which is NOT a Biblical threesome?

T.  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego
R.  Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah
I.  Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael
O.  Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar

18. T or F: Abraham's second wife was Zipporah


19. Nimrod was:

S.  A son of Cush
H.  An early animal rights activist
A.  The founder of Babel
F.  S and A
T.  All of the above

20. A certain girl danced before King Herod, who was so pleased that he offered with an oath to give her whatever she asked. The girl's mother prompted her to ask for the head of John the baptizer. The name of the girl:

W.  was Joanna, who later repented and became a disciple of Christ
A.  is not known, but apparently she was the daughter of Pilate
T.  is not known at all
U.  is not known, but later on she was called Lydia and became a businesswoman
S.  was Herodias, of whom no repentance is spoken
I.  was Salome

21. There was a certain man in Caesarea called , a centurion of what was called the Italian Regiment, a devout man and one who feared God with all his household, who gave alms generously to the people, and prayed to God always.

22. Tamar was the name of:

T.  All of the following
H.  The patriarch Judah's sister-in-law
I.  A daughter of King Solomon over whom her near relative Amnon was infatuated
N.  A daughter of Absalom, son of David
K.  None of the above

23. This person was a boy archer destined to be called a wild donkey of a man, became the ancestor of twelve princes, and had an Egyptian mother.

T. Asahel   W. Ishbosheth   A. Joab   N. Esau   G. Ishmael

24. Although the English spelling usually differs, Old Testament Hannah and New Testament Anna actually bear the same name. These two women are, respectively:

L.  The mother of King David, and a young woman in Pilate's courtyard who asked Peter about his association with Jesus.
A.  The daughter of Nathan the seer, and the mother-in-law of Peter who was healed of a fever by Jesus.
D.  The mother of Samuel the seer, and the aged widow who spoke of the infant Christ when He was brought to the temple.
Y.  A daughter of King Hezekiah and a woman was healed by Jesus from a flow of blood with which she had suffered for twelve years.

25. Which do you consider the Biblically best defintion of the word NAME?

N.  A linguistic monument to primary authority. God named Adam, and Adam named the creatures over which the Creator gave him dominion.
A.  The commemoration of a significant relational change or historical event.
M.  A way to refer to the fulness of the attributes and qualities of the bearer of a particular name.
E.  Not just a linguistic label for a certain person, place, or thing. The grammatical term "proper noun" has its place, but Scripture invests names with more meaning.