"...And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen." — John 21:25

Quiz on the (Earthly) Ministry of Christ

Spelling counts on "fill in the blank" questions. Commentary on the answers is provided with your score.

1. When Jesus began His public ministry, He was about age .

2. Jesus used this Galilean city as a kind of "headquarters"

A. Nazareth   B. Capernaum   C. Bethsaida  
D. Hierapolis   E. Bethlehem   F. Jerusalem  

3. When a scribe approved Jesus' teaching about the two greatest commandments, Jesus said to him:

C.  Now you must keep these commandments.
H.  Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile.
R.  The Son of God does not need the approval of men.
I.  You are blessed, for flesh and blood did not reveal that to you.
S.  You are not far from the kingdom of God.
T.  Go preach this message to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

4. T or F: When Jesus began His public ministry, He was not fully aware that He was the Messiah.


5. When Jesus began to preach in Galilee, the heart of his message was:

M.  Do this in remembrance of Me.
A.  God loves you, and has a wonderful plan for your life.
S.  Saved by grace, O happy condition! To sin as you please, and still have remission!
T.  Accept Me as your personal Lord and Savior.
E.  You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?
R.  Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

6. Jesus said that the men of repented at the preaching of Jonah.

7. Among those Jesus raised from the dead, which three are specified in the Gospels:

L.  A synagogue ruler's daughter, Lazarus, and the only son of a widow.
O.  Tabitha, the only son of a widow, and a synagogue ruler's servant.
R.  A centurion's daughter, a Syro-Phoenician woman, and a synagogue ruler's servant.
D.  A centurion's son, Lazarus, and Talitha.

8. Nicodemus, who came secretly to Jesus by night early on in Jesus' public ministry:

G.  became one of the seven first deacons shortly after Pentecost.
R.  was a Samaritan.
A.  Was renamed Bartholemew by Jesus, and became one of the twelve.
C.  Is never mentioned again in Scripture.
E.  Is mentioned on at least two more occasions in Scripture.

9. Complete the verse: The Son of Man came and , and they say, "Look, a glutton and a winebibber, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!" (Each blank is one word.)

10. According to Jesus, the is the "lamp of the body".

11. T or F: Jesus Christ had several half-siblings.


12. Complete another verse, one in which Jesus speaks about His true family: "For whoever does the will of My in heaven is My and and ." (Each blank is one word, and they must appear in the order given in the text.)

13. Andrew and Peter first met Jesus:

P.  As 12 year old boys, in Jerusalem.
R.  On the road to Emmaus.
I.  In Judea, where John the baptizer was preaching.
N.   In the synaogogue at Nazareth.
C.   On the shore of the Sea of Galilee.
E.   In Caesarea Philippi.

14. Which two women are NOT mentioned in at least one of the four Gospels?

T. Salome and Mary Magdalene   V. Chuza and Euodia   W. Mary, Lazarus' sister and Anna  
X. Herodias and Elizabeth   Y. Martha and Susanna   Z. Pilate's wife and Joanna

15. T or F: Jesus chose seventy disciples and sent them ahead of Himself, two by two, "as lambs among wolves." None of the names of these disciples are revealed.


16. The twelve apostles were selected out of:

R.  the larger group of Jesus' disciples
A.  all nations
N.  the tribe of Levi only
S.  all the tribes: one man from each
O.  a hat
M.  unmarried candidates only

17. Jesus said that "among those born of women", none had arisen greater than:

K.  John the Baptizer
I.  Abraham
N.  Job
G.  Isaac

18. T or F: Christ was financially supported by several women.


19. A woman broke a flask of costly oil on Jesus' head while He was at the house of:

G.  Simon the leper
O.  Zaccheus the tax collector
D.  Mary Magdalene
M.  Icarus the feather seller
A.  Simon the Zealot
N.  Bezariah of Capernaum

20. Near the end of His public ministry, Jesus:

S.  taught daily in the temple in Jerusalem.
A.  quit teaching to prepare for the ordeal to come.
V.  went to Egypt one last time.
I.  appointed Peter as the first pope.
O.  was transfigured the second time.
R.  was rarely far from Nazareth.

21. At Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem:

V.  He finally realized the nature of His mission.
I.  Zebedee climbed a tree to get a better view.
C.  Saints of old rose from the dead and appeared in the city.
T.  A prophecy involving an animal was fulfilled.
O.  The Feast of the Dedication was being celebrated.
R.  All of the above.

22. Regarding the temple in Jerusalem, Jesus predicted that:

L.  It would someday belong to Muslims.
A.  Not one of its stones would remain upon another.
M.  Its cornerstone would be sent to Rome as a trophy.
B.  It would be destroyed in 70 A.D. but rebuilt before His return in glory.

23. Jesus' friend Lazarus was from:

A. Bethany   L. Jerusalem   S. Samaria   O. Jericho

24. Jesus' wilderness temptation took place:

L.  At a time unknown to the Gospel writers
I.  Right after the Sermon on the Mount
O.  Right before His arrest
N.  Right after His baptism

25. Choose the BEST "verbal sketch" of the historical significance of the Man whom many call Messiah.

T.  Jesus appeared on Earth as one of the greatest moral teachers the world has ever known, and it is possible that at least some of the miracles attributed to Him actually occured.
R.  Christ came to die on the cross for the sins of the world.
U.  The Nazarene came to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God, to seek and save that which was lost, to give His life a ransom for many, and to destroy the works of the devil.
E.  The Man from Galilee provided the best known example of a sacrificial and loving lifestyle for us all to imitate.