"...For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen." — Romans 11:36

World Views Quiz

Multiple Choice, True or False, Type in the Blank (spelling counts)

1. T or F: Socialism's goal of eliminating poverty and preventing the greedy, selfish accumulation of wealth by making the state the owner and dispenser of all things is very much in line with a Biblical world view.


2. Which one did not exist when human civilization began?

A. Farming.   B. Animal husbandry.   C. Metallurgy.   D. All existed then.  

3. It is the duty and responsibility of to educate children.

4. T or F: God's moral standard applies to each human being individually, but not directly to entities such as large corporations.


5. World views other than the Biblical world view can best be described as:

A.  At enmity with God.
B.  Worthy of respect, since all human beings are created in God's image.
C.  Simply in need of some "fine tuning" derived from the Bible.
D.  Legitimate if derived from purely objective science.

6. "He who is not with Me is Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters."

7. T or F: The sword that Jesus said He came to bring (see Matthew 10:34) divides people into three groups - earnest disciples, confirmed unbelievers, and those who are neutral.


8. America's Declaration of Independence most reflects a Biblical world view in that it:

B.  Recognizes that certain "unalienable rights" come from God the Creator.
C.  A "decent respect to the opinions of mankind" is given as a reason for making the declaration.
D.   It indicts the king of England for his failure to assent to "...laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good."

9. A Biblical view of the ecosystem, the global climate, and the welfare of the Earth in general:

A.  Supports the idea that mankind is essentially a destructive parasite.
B.  Suggests that there is no need for concern or action because God will take care of these things.
C.  Includes the assurance that God has promised to preserve them perpetually.
D.  Leads to the recognition that just as God is our Father, so the Earth is our mother.

10. Taxation, self-control, parental authority, and church eldership are all Biblically sanctioned aspects of:

11. Which is the best expression of God's purpose for the time between Abraham's call and Jesus' life, death, and resurrection:

A.  With Abraham the patriarchal age begins. With Moses begins the age of the law. With Christ's first advent begins the age of grace.
B.  One man begets the covenant nation through which comes the promised Seed in Whom all nations will be blessed.
C.  In order to instruct His people of future ages in righteousness, God raised up great saints of old. Jesus is the last and greatest prophet and example.
D.  God demonstrates the utter inability of the Old Covenant to save, and brings in the New Covenant.

12. Which form of state government is the most Biblical?

A. Oligarchy.   B. Representative republic.   C. Monarchy.   D. Pure democracy.

13. T or F: Since humans, though fallen, are still beings made in God's image, all human cultures have equal validity.


14. At the beginning, God instituted , the most basic "building block" of human society.

15. Which of the following was probably the biggest factor in causing the variations in skin color, facial features, and other characteristics that can be observed among people groups?

A.  God's shattering the original, single human language into many languages at the tower of Babel.
B.  The genetic variation of Noah's three sons, each of which is the ancestor of one of the three major racial groups we have today.
C.  The different climates in which the various people groups lived over many generations.
D.  The intermarriages of the Nephilim (giants) and humans of which we read in Genesis 6:4.

16. The apostolic command of 2 Thessalonians 3:10, "...If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat" is a foundational pillar for a Biblical position on:

A. Economics   B. Nutrition   C. Survival   D. Entitlements

17. The Takbir or Takbeer is:

A.  The way an inebriated person might pronounce "tank of beer".
B.  The Marxist code of ethics.
C.  An ancient astrological manual which various New Age groups are reviving.
D.  The Arabic name for the phrase Alla-hu Akbar, usually translated "God is great" or "God is [the] greatest".

18. Which one documents the beliefs of a NON-Biblical worldview?

A.  The Manilla Manifesto.
B.  The Savoy Declaration.
C.  The Humanist Manifesto.
D.  All of the above.

19. Generally speaking, which worldview includes the ideas that no definite terms, boundaries, or absolute truths exist, and that Western civilization is outdated?

A. Socinianism   B. Post-modernism   C. Determinism   D. Neo-conservatism

20. Choose the most Biblically sound statement about "history":

A.  History is like a wheel, the cycle keeps repeating itself. "There's nothing new under the sun", as it says in the book of Ecclesiastes.
B.  God is in control of it, but we don't know what He has planned. As it says in Deuteronomy, "The secret things belong to the LORD our God..."
C.  It's nothing more than the passage of time. "History" is just a basic building block of reality, one of the "elements of the world" of which Paul writes in Galatians.
D.  It is the unfolding of God's plan for the thorough victory of Christ's kingdom and the salvation of the world; the "summing up of all things in Christ" per Ephesians 1.

21. T or F: The power of Scripture is such that a major theme of sound teaching can be based on a solitary proof text.


22. A good grasp on which of the following is essential for a sound Biblical World View (BWV)?

A.  The fall of man, and God's subsequent judgments on man and creation.
B.  God's purposes in creating and redeeming the world.
C.  The sovereignty of God over human history.
D.  All of the above.

23. Choose the statement about scientific inquiry which best reflects a BWV (Biblical World View):

A.  God's Word should guide and undergird man's scientific enterprises.
B.  A scientist must not bring any assumptions whatsoever, especially those derived from his religion, to his work.
C.  Scripture and science deal with completely different realms; the conflicts between the two should not trouble the Christian.
D.  Science and Biblical faith are irreconcilable; a consistent person cannot be both a scientist and a Bible believer.

24. God gave ancient Israel an ordinance that restrained the oppression of one's neighbor by greedy "land-grabbing". It was called the year of .

25. Which question should be of primary concern for an earnest disciple deliberating a course of action?

A.  Am I comfortable with this decision?
B.  How will this effect my loved ones?
C.  Will this be for the glory of God?
D.  Is this a smart move?