"Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised." — Proverbs 31:30

Quiz on Notable Women of the Bible

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The Bible records no spoken words for which notable woman:

a) Bathsheba.
b) The wife of Noah.
c) Lydia.
d) The wife of Job.

2) According to the Lord Jesus, a widow whose offering was two small copper coins:

a) Gave out of her poverty.
b) Gave more than all the wealthy people did.
c) Put in all the livelihood she had.
d) All of the above.

3) 1) _______ and _______ provided financial support for Jesus' earthly ministry.

a) Joanna / Susanna.
b) The Canaanite woman whose daughter was healed / the Sidonian woman who had been a leper.
c) Roxanna / Roseanna.
d) Mary Magdalene / Mary the mother of James and Joses (Joseph).

4) The virgin mother's statement at Luke 1:47, "...my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior." indicates:

a) A significant theological error in the Gospel of Luke.
b) Mary's confidence that God would spare her from having any pain in childbirth.
c) How Mary intercedes for the sinful as a co-mediator with Christ.
d) Her awareness that she was a sinner in need of Divine salvation.

5) This woman was "...full of good works and charitable deeds which she did", and was raised from the dead through Peter:

a) Damaris
b) Tabitha.
c) Tryphena
d) Euodia

6) This woman courageously saved a future king, the child Joash, from the murderous rampage of the wicked, self proclaimed queen Athaliah:

a) Jehosheba.
b) Jolinah.
c) Jazaniah.
d) Jomamah.

7) Which four are the wives of Jacob, the matriarchs of the twelve tribes?

a) Leah, Rachel, Rebekah, and Zareda.
b) Beldah, Keturah, Leah, and Lilah.
c) Bilhah, Leah, Rachel, and Zilpah.
d) Beulah, Dinah, Leah, and Rachel.

8) Anna, the prophetess who met the infant Jesus and his parents in the temple, was from the tribe of:

a) Benjamin.
b) Levi.
c) Asher.
d) Judah.

9) With her husband, this woman explained the way of God more accurately to Apollos:

a) Scintilla.
b) Cecilia.
c) Ophelia.
d) Priscilla.

10) Abigail the wife of Nabal:

a) Was to become a wife of King David.
b) Was a woman of good understanding and beautiful appearance.
c) Saved Nabal from David's vengeance.
d) Was or did all of the above.

11) The words, "I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish" were spoken by:

a) Esther.
b) Abigail.
c) Naomi.
d) Rahab.

12) Fill in the blank: "I commend to you ______ our sister, who is a servant of the church in Cenchrea."

a) Tryphosa
b) Phoebe
c) Narcissa
d) Julia

13) There were at least two Abigails in King David's life. They were:

a) His concubine and his wife.
b) His sister-in-law and his wife.
c) His sister and his wife.
d) His aunt and his niece.

14) These two men are the first and second husbands of Ruth the Moabitess, king David's great-grandmother:

a) Boaz and Mahlon.
b) Chilion and Obed.
c) Elimelech and Mahlon.
d) Boaz and Chilion.

15) _______ and _______ were the brave Egyptian midwives who feared God and would not kill the infant sons of the Israelite women.

a) Potiphera / Zeruiah
b) Orpah / Peninnah
c) Shiphrah / Puah
d) Maachah / Zipporah

16) This unnamed woman showed faith in the LORD and in Elijah His servant:

a) A daughter of Machir in Gilead.
b) A notable woman of Shunem.
c) A baker of the household of Ahab.
d) A widow of Zarephath.

17) An angel showed the prophet Zechariah a woman sitting in a basket whose name was:

a) Cruella DeVille.
b) Purity.
c) Wickedness.
d) Goodness.

18) Lydia was a seller of _______ and was from the city of _______:

a) life insurance / Gibraltar
b) purple / Thyatira
c) jewelry / Thessalonica
d) scarlet / Philippi

19) Hannah was mistaken for:

a) Rachel, by Jacob.
b) Being drunken, by a priest.
c) Penninah, by her mother.
d) A sorceress, by Saul.

20) According to the prophet Micah, this woman was a leader in Israel along with her two brothers:

a) Tamar.
b) Zipporah.
c) Keturah.
d) Miriam.

21) The woman who anointed Jesus with fragrant oil and wiped His feet with her hair is:

a) Mary the mother of James and Joses (Joseph).
b) Martha the sister of Mary and Lazarus.
c) Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus.
d) Not named in the Gospels.

22) The Lord Jesus said to Martha that her sister Mary:

a) Had chosen the good part.
b) Was so heavenly minded that she was no earthly good.
c) Had a sure place among the redeemed.
d) Was too full of grief to help Martha serve their house guests.

23) According to the book of Hebrews, "Sarah...received strength to conceive seed, and she bore a child when she was past the age" because:

a) She judged Him faithful who had promised.
b) She forgave Hagar.
c) She called Abraham Lord.
d) She had a great sense of humor, and had laughed about it.

24) Jesus defied nationalistic bigotry and more when, sitting at a well resting from a journey, He interacted with:

a) A woman who was a Roman and a servant of Herod.
b) A woman who was a Samaritan, a people group despised by the Jews.
c) A woman who had been sentenced to be stoned for committing adultery with a Canaanite.
d) A woman who was a Gentile from a notorious criminal family.

25) In the original language, the name Adam gave his wife (Eve in English) refers to her being:

a) Also made in God's image.
b) Perfectly beautiful.
c) Created from Adam's rib.
d) The mother of all living.

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