"But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you." — John 14:26

Quiz on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
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1) Complete this quote from the apostle Peter: "...prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were ______ the Holy Spirit."

a) slain in
b) inspired by
c) moved by
d) filled with

2) The INDWELLING of the Holy Spirit referred or refers to:

a) The Spirit's presence above the ark's mercy seat.
b) The one divine life that the Spirit shares with the Father and the Son.
c) The Spirit's filling of Heaven and Earth, but not by way of any material substance.
d) The Spirit's work of living within the Christian.

3) In this chapter of the Bible, the work of creation is attributed to the Holy Spirit:

a) John 1
b) Job 33
c) Psalm 16
d) All of the above

4) The expression "third Person of the Trinity":

a) Itself is not found in Scripture, but reflects Scripture's usual order of Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
b) Expresses the Holy Spirit's intrinsic inferiority to the Son and the Father.
c) Is one that Holy Spirit applies to Himself in the Bible, because He is humble.
d) Was declared to be unorthodox by several prominent leaders of the Reformation.

5) These things were accomplished under the overshadowing, directing power of the Holy Spirit:

a) A missionary journey of Paul and Timothy.
b) The virgin birth of Jesus.
c) Christ's commands to the apostles He had chosen.
d) All of the above.

6) The Holy Spirit is first mentioned in the Bible in:

a) The first book of Moses, Genesis
b) The Acts of the Apostles
c) The Psalms
d) The Gospel according to Matthew

7) The apostle Paul taught that if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ:

a) It is because that one is not yet sufficiently sanctified.
b) That one is so nearsighted that he is blind, having forgotten that he was cleansed from his former sins.
c) He should pray to receive the baptism in the Spirit immediately.
d) That one does not belong to Christ; he is none of His.

Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit came, He (the Spirit) would convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment. The next three questions deal with the basis Jesus gave for each of those three aspects of the Holy Spirit's convicting work.

8) Jesus said the Spirit would convict the world of sin because:

a) Of the horror and brutality of Jesus' crucifixion.
b) They do not believe in Jesus.
c) Jesus was going to His Father and they would see Him no more.
d) The Spirit is the One Who tests the heart and the mind.

9) Jesus said the Spirit would convict the world of righteousness because:

a) Jesus was going to His Father and they would see Him no more.
b) All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God.
c) The ruler of this world is judged.
d) The apostles would be powerfully anointed by the Spirit as preachers of righteousness.

10) Jesus said the Spirit would convict the world of judgment because:

a) They do not believe in Jesus.
b) The Spirit would manifest to them the glory and majesty of God's perfect Law.
c) The ruler of this world is judged.
d) There would be so many signs when Judgment Day was drawing near.

11) According to the apostle Peter, when Ananias lied to the Holy Spirit, he:

a) Thereby blasphemed the Holy Spirit.
b) Lied to God.
c) Acted ignorantly, and so was not responsible.
d) Revealed that he despised what happened on the day of Pentecost.

12) The Father begets the Son. The Son is begotten of the Father. The Holy Spirit:

a) Is also begotten of the Father.
b) Is begotten of the Son.
c) Proceeds from the Father and the Son.
d) Is sent out by the Son and brought back by the Father.

13) A major international cult (origin, late 19th century) teaches that the Holy Spirit is:

a) Created by Jehovah.
b) A "force".
c) Not eternal.
d) All of the above.

14) Samuel told this man that the Spirit of the LORD would come upon him, and that he would prophesy, and be "turned into another man":

a) Saul.
b) David.
c) Benhadad, king of Syria.
d) Saul's uncle who searched for Saul and some lost donkeys.

15) According to the apostle Peter, the Holy Spirit spoke through King David about Peter's contemporary, _________ :

a) Herod.
b) Saul of Tarsus, who became the apostle Paul.
c) Judas.
d) Mary the virgin mother.

16) Which three are NOT in the Galatians chapter 5 list of nine aspects of the fruit of the Spirit:

a) Gentleness, love, and peace.
b) Joy, patience, and faithfulness.
c) Faith, hope, and wisdom.
d) Kindness, goodness, and self-control.

17) According to Ephesians 4, Christians are commanded not to:

a) Pray directly to the Holy Spirit.
b) Grieve the Holy Spirit.
c) Seek specific gifts of the Spirit, because He distributes them as He wills.
d) Thwart the Holy Spirit.

18) When the Holy Spirit came with a sound like a mighty, rushing wind on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2), He:

a) Miraculously gave the disciples the ability to SPEAK real languages they had never learned previously.
b) Miraculously caused people from many nations to HEAR their own language, though the disciples were speaking their own language.
c) Himself (the Holy Spirit) spoke DIRECTLY to each heart by means of the cloven tongues of fire that rested on the disciples.
d) Revealed that all TRUE disciples of Christ would have a Pentecost-type experience at some time in their lives.

19) In several texts of Scripture, Christians are said to be SEALED with the Holy Spirit. This refers to:

a) Baptismal regeneration.
b) The profound sense of happiness that Christians unceasingly experience.
c) The Holy Spirit's special presence when Christians celebrate the Lord's supper (communion).
d) The Spirit's role as the guarantee (earnest) and downpayment of redemption.

20) Fill in the four blanks in proper order: "The _____ of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the _____ of God, and the _____ of the Holy Spirit be with you all. _____ ."

a) love, grace, peace, Amen.
b) grace, love, communion, Amen.
c) grace, love, communion, Maranatha.
d) fellowship, grace, fullness, Hallelujah.

21) This is the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of every Christian disciple:

a) Giving new revelations of God's will via a "still, small voice" in the heart.
b) Enabling him or her to speak in tongues.
c) Sanctifying and comforting.
d) All of the above.

22) These two chapters provide lists of gifts of the Holy Spirit:

a) Acts 2 and 2 Corinthians 10
b) 1 Thessalonians 2 and Ephesians 5
c) 2 Peter 1 and James 3
d) Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12

23) According to the book of Judges, the Spirit of the LORD came upon Samson, and Samson:

a) Used the jawbone of a horse to kill one hundred Chaldeans.
b) Began to laugh uncontrollably.
c) Tore apart a young lion who came roaring against him.
d) Composed a book of inspired riddles.

24) This Old Covenant prophet foretold that the Spirit of the LORD would rest upon the Rod from the stem of Jesse:

a) Isaiah.
b) Elijah.
c) Jeremiah.
d) Elisha.

25) The Lord Jesus Himself foretold that the Holy Spirit would:

a) Accompany Him, in the form of a dove, when Jesus returned to Earth.
b) Take Jesus' place among His followers, after Jesus ascended to the Father.
c) Eventually depart from the Church.
d) Bring about the conversion of Pontius Pilate, Herod, and Caiaphas.

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