"The LORD has made all for Himself, yes, even the wicked for the day of doom." — Proverbs 16:4

Bad Guys of the Bible

A quiz affectionately dedicated to Mr. T. Paturzo, who suggested this theme.

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1) To Timothy, Paul wrote "may the Lord repay him according to his works" regarding:

a) Antipater the goldsmith.
b) Androphilus the merchant.
c) Alexander the coppersmith.
d) Agrippa the procrastinator.

2) Identify the Moabite king and the false prophet hired by him to curse the Israelites:

a) Eglon the son of Bela and Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah.
b) Barak the son Merodoch and Balaam the son of Zippor.
c) Nahash the son of Omri and Zimri the son of Chenaanah.
d) Balak the son of Zippor, and Balaam the son of Beor.

3) The risen, ascended Christ tells the churches of Ephesus and Smyrna that He hates:

a) The deeds and doctrine of the Nicolaitins.
b) A woman who calls herself a prophetess.
c) The deeds and doctrine of the Herodians.
d) The persecuting Roman emperor.

4) The son of David who sought to make himself king was:

a) Jedidiah.
b) Absalom.
c) Eliab.
d) Amnon.

5) This man accused Jesus of blasphemy:

a) Pilate.
b) Annas.
c) Caiaphas.
d) Judas.

6) Korah, Dathan, and Abiram:

a) Were put to the sword by Moses.
b) Were stoned by the congregation of Israel.
c) Were swept away by a flood.
d) Were swallowed up by the Earth.

7) One of the Biblical Herods died when he was:

a) Eaten by worms.
b) Beheaded
c) Eaten by dogs.
d) Under two years of age.

8) This king, who did evil in the sight of the LORD, imprisoned the prophet Jeremiah:

a) Jehoiakim.
b) Zedekiah.
c) Jehoiachin.
d) Jehoahaz.

9) According to the prophet Zechariah, the LORD Himself said to Satan:

a) The LORD rebuke you, Satan!
b) Begone, father of lies!
c) Get behind Me, Satan!
d) A lake of fire has been prepared for you and your angels!

10) Athaliah was:

a) One of Ahab's evil wives.
b) Killed by being poisoned.
c) An usurping queen.
d) All of the above.

11) So that he could take Naboth's vineyard and make it a vegetable garden, king Ahab:

a) Changed the zoning laws for vineyards.
b) Commanded Amon the governor to execute Naboth.
c) Imitated David, and had Naboth sent into battle to die.
d) Had Naboth falsely accused and stoned to death.

12) Samuel likened Saul's rebellion to:

a) Baal worship.
b) That of Adam.
c) Witchcraft.
d) Playing with fire.

13) According to John the apostle, already in his day:

a) The Sunday School movement was well underway.
b) Many antichrists had come.
c) The godly were praying to the virgin mother.
d) Many apocalyptic beasts had come.

14) "Curse God and die" was the counsel of:

a) The devil to Adam and Eve, after they were cast out of Eden.
b) The high priest to Judas, when Judas felt remorse for his betrayal of Jesus.
c) His wife, to Job.
d) A man named Ananias, to Paul in prison.

15) The apostle Paul wrote to Titus that bad guys Jannes and Jambres:

a) Taught that the resurrection was already past.
b) Loved to have the preeminence.
c) Incited Esau to intercept Jacob with an army of 400 men.
d) Opposed Moses.

16) This man is given a poor report in the book of Third John:

a) Diotrephes.
b) Dionysius.
c) Demetrius.
d) Daedalus.

17) According to 2 Thessalonians, the day of Christ will not come until this one is revealed:

a) The man of sin.
b) A & D.
c) The antichrist.
d) The son of perdition.

18) A sorcerer named Simon rashly and foolishly:

a) Tried to buy the power of the Holy Spirit.
b) Punched Peter in the nose.
c) Tried to impersonate the apostle James.
d) Wrote the Gospel according to Simon.

19) In the book of Esther, scheming Haman becomes filled with fury when:

a) Queen Esther does not invite Haman's wife to her banquet.
b) The Feast of Purim is founded.
c) Mordecai does not bow down or pay homage to him.
d) Queen Vashti, his sister, is deposed by the king.

20) The name Jezebel appears in this New Testament book:

a) Jude.
b) Luke.
c) 2 Peter.
d) Revelation.

21) According to the book of Judges, this bad guy killed 70 of his own brothers:

a) Abimelech son of Jerubbaal.
b) Elimelech son of Jubazahel.
c) Ahimelech son of Zerubbabel.
d) Adrammelech son of Sepharvaim.

22) Even before his betrayal of Jesus, Scripture expressly declares that Judas was:

a) A murderer.
b) A thief.
c) A drug dealer.
d) An adulterer.

23) Bad guy Doeg was:

a) Written about by David in a Psalm.
b) An Edomite.
c) A servant of Saul.
d) All of the above.

24) In the book of Nehemiah we read that these two were displeased that someone had come to seek the welfare of the people of Israel:

a) King Darius III and Queen Vashti IV.
b) Shealtiel the governor and Tobit the Jebusite.
c) Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the Ammonite.
d) Zophar the Naamathite and Jabin, king of Canaan.

25) Noadiah was:

a) Noah's full name.
b) A false prophetess who opposed Nehemiah.
c) One of Pharaoh's wise men.
d) Saul's medium.

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