A.D. 2011 Quotes of the Week

Posted January 2

"The sinews of Gospel obedience, attached by sovereign, sanctifying grace to the sturdy bones of an equally gracious justification, are nourished by the one Spirit of Whom all believers have been made to drink, and by the Bread of heaven of which they all partake. So hear the gracious call of the gracious Lover in that song of songs which is Solomon's. "Eat, friends; drink and imbibe deeply, O lovers!"

And to that summit of grace, that mountain of the LORD of which Isaiah prophesied, where death is swallowed up forever...Come, and keep coming! Come to His feast of 'choice pieces, of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow'." — (Cf. Song 5:1; Isaiah 25:6f; John 6:53,54; 1 Cor. 12:13)

Posted January 9

"The typical 'evangelical' church is weak and womanly, and demands that preachers be soft and dainty, tone down severe texts or the tone police will be after you. Evangelicals favor feminine themes, personal relationships, our 'felt' needs. They want you to always be agreeable; delicate in everything we say and do. This sounds like rules for figure skaters not warriors." — Phil Johnson

Posted January 16

"Reverent silence is a loud declaration that, even after we have given up our whole lives for Christ, we are but unprofitable servants. It is a posture of humble expectation that God will intervene in the noisy circumstance of this life to grant the peace of His salvation." — the Rev. Dcn. Jonathan Kell

Posted January 23

"The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings!" — Henry Ward Beecher

Posted January 30

"When we find ourselves struggling it means that at some level we are not functioning within the limits of servanthood. Bondage to Jesus brings contentment, joy, peace and happiness. Discontent means that we are not accepting His limits." — Pastor James A. Smith

Posted February 6

"If, when He was in the form of a servant, they cry out, 'what manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?' what will they say when they shall see Him coming in His glory, and the heavens and the earth obey Him?" — Richard Baxter

Posted February 13

"Remember that life's length is not measured by its hours and days, but by that which we have done therein. A useless life is short if it lasts a century. There are greater and better things in us all, if we would find them out. There will always be in this world - wrongs. No wrong is really successful. The day will come when light and truth and the just and the good shall be victorious and wrong as evil will be no more forever." — Walter Breuning, on the occasion of his 113th birthday, September 21, A.D. 2009. As of January 31, A.D. 2011, Mr. Breuning is alive and well in Montana...

Posted February 20

"In England, if you commit a crime, the police don't have a gun and you don't have a gun. If you commit a crime, the police will say 'Stop, or I'll say stop again.'" — Robin Williams

Posted February 27

If we meet someone who owes us thanks, we right away remember that. But how often do we meet someone to whom we owe thanks without remembering that?" — Goethe

Posted March 6

"Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared. Beware of Him and obey His voice; do not provoke Him, for He will not pardon your transgressions; for My name is in Him • In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also • If you love Me, keep My commandments." — from Exodus 23 and John 14

Posted March 13

"Patrick of Ireland was not Irish. He was a British Celt, first enslaved in Ireland as a teen, later a missionary to Ireland. He was not necessarily the first missionary to Ireland. No one knows his birth or death date. March 17 is traditionally considered to be one of the two, but there is no documentation for this. The only documents about Patrick are his Confession and a letter he wrote to Coroticus. Patrick did not chase snakes out of Ireland. Patrick predates the Roman Catholic Church, and was considered a 'saint' before the Roman church created its list of saints and added him to it." — Michael K. Johnson

Posted March 20

"When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want?

Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not. What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn't they matter most now?" — Max Lucado

Posted March 27

"How can a person deal with anxiety? You might try what one fellow did. He worried so much that he decided to hire someone to do his worrying for him. He found a man who agreed to be his hired worrier for a salary of $200,000 per year. After the man accepted the job, his first question to his boss was, 'Where are you going to get $200,000 per year?' To which the man responded, 'That's your worry'." — Max Lucado

Posted April 3

"The value of all things will change greatly one day. The hour comes when money shall be worth no more than waste paper; and gold and diamonds shall be as the dust of the streets – when the palace of the noble, and the cottage of the peasant shall both alike fall to the ground. In that hour you will find out, in a way you never found out before – the value of your immortal soul. Soul-loss will then be seen to be the greatest of losses, and soul-gain the greatest of gains!" — J.C. Ryle

Posted April 10

"No one will ever understand my husband until they realise that he is first of all a man of prayer and then an evangelist." — Bethan Lloyd-Jones, wife of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Posted April 17

"In April 1972, after seven months of testimony, EPA Administrative Law Judge Edmund Sweeney stated that 'DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man...the uses of DDT under the regulations involved here do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds, or other wildlife...the evidence in this proceeding supports the conclusion that there is a present need for the essential uses of DDT.'

Two months later, EPA head William Ruckelshaus - who had never attended a single day's session in the seven months of EPA hearings, and who admittedly had not even read the transcript of the hearings - overturned Judge Sweeney's decision. Ruckelshaus declared that DDT was a 'potential human carcinogen' and banned it for virtually all uses.

Since Ruckelshaus arbitrarily and capriciously banned DDT, over 14 billion cases of malaria have caused immense suffering and poverty in the developing world." — "The Malaria Clock" on JunkScience DOT com

Posted April 24

To the question, "Why didn't Christ remain on Earth after His resurrection? Richard Baxter answers: "If He had stayed on earth, what would it have been [for saints on Earth - ed.] to enjoy him for a few days and then die? He has more in Heaven to dwell among; even the spirits of many generations. He will have us live by faith, and not by sight."

Posted May 1

"In contemplating the incomprehensible, indivisible, and most adorableTrinity, let us not assume that the absolute equality of the Persons demands an absolute symmetry in how those divine Persons relate to one another."

Posted May 8

"The transformation of theology into an academic discipline more associated with the university than the church has been one of the most lamentable developments of the last several centuries." — Albert Mohler

Posted May 15

"Would you give me a loan if I owed $14,000 in debt to an overseas bank, I earned $2,500 per year, I was already borrowing $1,500 per year to pay my bills, and I was spending about a $1,000 per year to blow up fireworks in my neighbors' yards? Of course you wouldn't! So why are people surprised that the US government is in trouble? Because those are the 2010 numbers of the Federal government with a bunch of zeros taken out." — source unknown

Posted May 22

No criminal would print a phony $99.00 or $101.00 bill, or try to steal the identity of Thurston Howell III, the marooned millionaire on Gilligan's Island. Only when there is a reality will there be an attempt to counterfeit. So it is in the realm of prophecy. False prophets with their false predictions arise from the dark spiritual underworld, because there is a true Light of the world, and He shines on!

Posted May 29

"There are in fact four very significant stumbling blocks in the way of grasping the truth, which hinder every man however learned, and scarcely allow anyone to win a clear title to wisdom, namely, the example of weak and unworthy authority, longstanding custom, the feeling of the ignorant crowd, and the hiding of our own ignorance while making a display of our apparent knowledge." — "Doctor Mirabilis" Roger Bacon (c. A.D. 1214 - 1294)

Posted June 5

R. Rushdoony – "All law is a religious mandate. It just depends on what religion it is...all law is a religious mandate."

Bill Moyers – "Then which religion runs the civil government?"

R. Rushdoony – "That's the question."

Posted June 12

"If you read history, you will find that the Christians who did the most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next. The apostles themselves, who set on foot the conversion of the Roman Empire, the great men who built up the Middle Ages, the English evangelicals who abolished the slave trade, all left their mark on earth, precisely because their minds were occupied with heaven. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this." — C.S. Lewis

Posted June 19

"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." — Clarence Budington Kelland

Posted June 26

"The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's care, shall be in state institutions at state expense." — Friedrich Engels, co-author of Communist Manifesto, A.D. 1820-1895

Posted July 3

"A man who has nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance at being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." — John Stuart Mill

Posted July 10

"The Bible is a doxology which ever resounds with deep incarnational chords, vocalizes redemption in Christ as its passionate, thematic melody, throbs with the advance of God's kingdom as its underlying rhythm, and was composed in rich Trinitarian harmony."

Posted July 17

"Joseph of Arimathea arrived home one Friday night many years ago, and told his wife that he had given their tomb to someone else to use.

A bit upset, she demanded, 'How could you do that? After all the time and money you spent building it! It was just finished, and has never been used. What are we going to use now for ourselves?'

Joseph answered, 'Don't worry, it's only for the weekend' ." — newletter of Midwest Christian Outreach, April 28, A.D. 2011

Posted July 31

"Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want and their kids pay for it." — Richard Lamm

Posted August 7

"The spider's most attenuated thread is cord, is cable, to the tender film which holds our soul in life." — Charles H. Spurgeon, commentary on Psalm 119

Posted August 14

"Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions." — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Posted September 4

"The religions are all alike, no matter what they call themselves. They have no future - certainly none for the Germans. Fascism, if it likes, may come to terms with the church. So shall I. Why not? That will not prevent me from tearing up Christianity root and branch, and annihilating it in Germany.

For our people it is decisive whether they acknowledge the Jewish Christ creed with its effeminate pity ethics, or a strong, heroic belief in God in Nature, God in our own people, in our destiny, in our blood." — Adolph Hitler

Disclaimer: Statements which are both antithetical and abhorrent to the Christian faith, such as this one, can stimulate profitable contemplation and stir up godly Christian action.

Posted September 11

"My fear is that we haven't learned very much from 9/11. On 9/11, ten years ago, more babies were destroyed in the wombs of their mothers than people killed in the terrorist attack in New York. That destruction continues to this day.

The greatest attacks on the sanctity of life come not from al-Qaeda but from those who destroy their young. God will not continue to tolerate any nation that practices that culture of death and barbarism." — R.C. Sproul

Posted September 18, and previously on April 13, A.D. 2004

"Justification is the criminal pardoned; sanctification, the patient healed. The union of both constitutes present salvation." — Joel Beeke

Posted September 25

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." — George Bernard Shaw

Posted October 2

"There are indeed many ways to god – to the 'god of this world' that is, also known as satan. That lying imposter covers his own hideous face with many impersonating masks. Thus he deceives the sinful human race which is predisposed to idolatry. The true and living God has given one Name by which alone we must be saved. Jesus is LORD!"

Posted October 9

Therefore, following the holy fathers, we all with one accord teach men to acknowledge one and the same Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, at once complete in Godhead and complete in manhood, truly God and truly man, consisting also of a reasonable soul and body; of one substance with the Father as regards his Godhead, and at the same time of one substance with us as regards his manhood; like us in all respects, apart from sin; as regards his Godhead, begotten of the Father before the ages, but yet as regards his manhood begotten, for us men and for our salvation, of Mary the Virgin, the God-bearer; one and the same Christ, Son, Lord, Only-begotten, recognized in two natures, without confusion, without change, without division, without separation; the distinction of natures being in no way annulled by the union, but rather the characteristics of each nature being preserved and coming together to form one person and subsistence, not as parted or separated into two persons, but one and the same Son and Only-begotten God the Word, Lord Jesus Christ; even as the prophets from earliest times spoke of him, and our Lord Jesus Christ himself taught us, and the creed of the fathers has handed down to us. — the Definition of the Council of Chalcedon, which met early October A.D. 451

Posted October 16

"To deny the historically revolutionary function of the coming of Christ on the earth, accepted even by those who do not recognise him as Son of God, is enormous nonsense." — L'Osservatore Romano, official Vatican periodical, in an editorial arguing against establishing dates as B.C.E. (Before Common Era) as opposed to B.C. (Before Christ) and as C.E. (Common Era) as opposed to A.D. (Anno Domini, "year of our Lord")

Posted October 23

"Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself but because it contradicts them." — Unknown

Posted October 30

Reformation Day is a religious holiday celebrated on October 31 in remembrance of the Protestant Reformation, particularly by Lutheran and some Reformed church communities. It is a civic holiday in Slovenia (since the Reformation contributed to its cultural development profoundly, although Slovenes are mainly Roman Catholics) and in the German states of Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia. It is also a national holiday in Chile since 2008.

Posted November 6

"Trivial messiahs save a trivial humanity from a trivial problem." — Carl Trueman

Posted November 13

"We use duct tape to fix everything. God used nails." — Unknown

Posted November 20

"The only hope of Christianity is in the rehabilitating of Pauline theology. It is back, back, back to an incarnate Christ and the atoning blood or it is on, on, and on to atheism and despair!" — Francis L. Patton, President of Princeton University (1888-1902)

Posted November 27

"It is an honour for us to lose our name for God's and it is no matter though we be nothing, so Christ be all in all. A minister should be like one in a crowd, that lifts up another to public view, though himself be jostled and lost in the throng; so Christ be exalted, though we suffer loss." — Thomas Manton (1620 - 1677)

Posted December 4

"Modesty is a shining light; it prepares the mind to receive knowledge, and the heart for truth." — Madame Guizot

Posted December 11

♫ He sees you when you're sleeping,
He knows when you're awake ♪
He knows if you've been bad or good…♫

If we muse on that seasonal lyric with the right Subject in mind, we are contemplating the teaching of His word. Proverbs 5:21 – "For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and He ponders all his paths." And if you're troubled about all the times you've been bad, and find yourself unable to be good (for goodness' sake, or anyone's sake, or for anything's sake), there is great news for you! "For there is born to you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord!"

Posted December 18

"Each of God's people is destined to rise from the dead and live in a community of everlasting love, peace, joy, and light. Each will be to every other one a perpetual source of blessings that are presently unimaginable. Each will see and know in every other one a unique reflection of the ineffably sublime divine glory. All will be brothers and sisters in the Father's eternally happy family, joint heirs of all things with the Son, ever filled with the same blessed Holy Spirit. What manner of love, then, should characterize the present, earthly relations of those who claim to be the people of God?"

Posted December 25

"Eternity is the divine treasure house, and hope is the window by means of which mortals are permitted to see, as through a glass darkly, the things which God is preparing." — William Mountford

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